Are real estate licenses in Delaware?

    Real estate licenses in Delaware are a bit confusing. There are two different types of real estate licenses that you can get: one for agents and one for brokers. You can’t get both at the same time, but it’s possible to get one or the other through separate classes. If you’re new to real estate investing, I’d recommend focusing on becoming an agent first before pursuing any broker license (unless you have a lot more money than knowledge).

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    Yes, you can get a real estate license in Delaware.

    • You need to be licensed to practice in Delaware. If you don’t have a license, then it’s illegal for you to offer services as an agent or broker.
    • There are two ways to obtain your Delaware real estate license: through education or experience (see below).
    • In order to become licensed under the state of Delaware’s laws, candidates must take both written and practical tests after completing their required courses at an approved institution of higher learning such as [insert name here].


    You may be wondering whether or not you need a real estate license in Delaware. The short answer is that you do not need one. In fact, there are no state laws requiring that anyone obtain a real estate license before they begin working as an agent or broker in the state of Delaware.

    However, there are some states where this practice is more common than others–and other countries where it’s even more common than it is here in the United States! For example, if you plan on selling homes in Florida or New York City (to name just two), then it makes sense for those places’ residents to get their licenses first because those states require professional certification prior to becoming licensed as an agent or broker there.* More Home

    It’s not the easiest question to answer.

    There are no real estate licenses in Delaware. You can’t apply for a license as a broker, agent or appraiser. Nor can you be an attorney and run your own practice without having passed the bar exam of the state of Delaware.

    There is also no requirement that all brokers must have their own office; they can work out of someone else’s office–or even work from home if they choose to!


    The answer to this question depends on what you want out of life. If you want to make money, then yes, you can get a license in Delaware, but if your goal is to be a real estate agent or broker, then it would be best for you to find out before purchasing the required training program for that job. The point is that there are different degrees of licensing available. So it’s important to know what type of license will suit your needs most effectively before investing time, money, or effort into learning how everything works!

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