What is a real estate agent’s salary?

    Real estate agents are in high demand and have a number of different earning opportunities. They can easily make six figures, but some agents earn less than $40,000 a year while others can make over $100,000 or more. Here’s what you need to know about how much real estate agents make:

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    The average real estate agent’s salary is $39,040 a year.

    The average real estate agent salary is $39,040 a year. That’s not bad! But what if you’re starting out as an agent and want some extra cash? You can make more by working as a real estate broker or at other jobs that don’t require licensing.

    Here are some other options:

    • Salary estimates vary greatly depending on where you live and how long ago your education was. However, according to CNN Money, the average salary for all professions was $60k in May 2019 (it was $60k in May 2018). So if your degree is from an accredited college or university and you’ve been working hard since graduation day—and especially if it’s been several years since then—the potential for earning upward of $100k per year may be within reach after graduation!

    This is not including sales commissions and other revenue, which can be substantial.

    While a real estate agent’s salary is often the most discussed topic, it’s not the only thing that matters. The reality is that most agents don’t work solely on commission and there are many other ways to earn income from their clients’ properties.

    For example: some agents also earn income from property management (e.g., renting out an apartment) or selling new homes; many are involved with closing financing for buyers; some go back out into the field after their initial commission period ends and find new opportunities in order to continue making money. In short, there are plenty of ways for an agent who wants to stay busy while earning a living wage—therefore giving them more time to spend with family members!

    Real estate agent wages vary widely depending on the size of their market and the agency they work for.

    The salary you can expect from a real estate agent depends on the size of their market and the agency they work for.

    Real estate agents working in larger markets have more opportunities, so they can command higher wages. They also have to compete with other agents to sell properties, which means that many people are competing for your business—and those who make it through will be rewarded with more money than those who do not.

    If you’re thinking about becoming a real estate agent yourself, it’s important to consider what kind of salary you could expect before taking this step toward a new career path!

    Those working in large markets such as Los Angeles and New York City earn more than those who are based in smaller markets such as San Diego or Salt Lake City.

    Real estate agents who work in large markets such as Los Angeles or New York City earn more than those who are based in smaller markets such as San Diego or Salt Lake City. The higher the cost of living, the higher their salaries need to be in order for them to make ends meet.

    Real estate agents can earn $100K+ per year if they’re based in a larger city like Chicago or San Francisco but less than $80K, if they’re based somewhere like Denver, Miami Beach and Washington DC since costs are lower there compared to other places around America’s heartland where teaching English classes, is cheaper than renting an apartment downtown where prices have skyrocketed recently due to gentrification efforts by developers trying get rid off low income families so they can build condos instead which would increase demand on property values too much so people wouldn’t want them anymore unless they happen upon something special enough worth spending money on (like buying one specific piece being auctioned off).

    Real estate agents have a variety of earning opportunities!

    Real estate agents can earn a lot of money by selling homes. They can also make money by selling land, property and even property and land together.

    There are many different types of real estate agents who charge different amounts for their services. The most common way that real estate agents make money is by selling houses or condos (or both), but some will also work with investors on purchasing large tracts of land for development projects or subdivisions. Some people want someone to help them buy and sell homes in order to get extra cash flow from their properties; others may be looking for someone who has experience buying up cheap foreclosures across town so they can turn them into rentals; still others might prefer working with developers rather than homeowners because it’s easier for them to find tenants at an affordable rate than trying find renters themselves!


    As you might have noticed, real estate agents have a lot of earning potential. Their job is not just about finding homes or selling them but also managing all the details that go along with buying and selling homes. The average salary for a realtor varies greatly depending on where they work and what kind of market they’re in—but being an agent can be one of the best careers out there!

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