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    The public defender is a lawyer who defends people charged with criminal offenses. They can be hired by the state or federal government and defend individuals accused of crimes in state courts or federal court.

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    Public Defender

    A public defender is a lawyer who represents people in criminal cases, civil cases, and traffic court.

    Public defenders are usually employees of the government or an organization that provides legal services to low-income people. They may also be private attorneys hired by the state to represent clients charged with crimes and misdemeanors.

    Criminal Defense Lawyer

    A criminal defense lawyer is a person who represents clients accused of crimes. The lawyer may represent them at their trial, or he or she may defend them against any alleged wrongdoing in the case.

    The time period during which you can be charged with a crime is known as “prosecution”. In cases where there has been no arrest and no charges have been filed (e.g., an officer stops someone for speeding), this is considered prosecution by information rather than an actual investigation into whether someone did anything wrong; this means that there will not be any formal investigation into your case until after we have been hired by our client(s).

    White Collar Crime Defense Attorney

    White-collar crime is a broad term that refers to any type of crime that involves the misuse of money or property. It may include fraud, embezzlement, and other financial crimes.

    White-collar criminals often have more power than their victims and can use it to commit their crimes. For example, a CEO could deceive investors into buying shares at inflated prices by creating false revenue numbers for his company’s accounts, or he could steal from an employee’s retirement savings after convincing her that she needed more money for school expenses.

    In some cases where you’re dealing with an individual who has been charged with white collar crime (such as theft), it’s possible for someone else in your office who works closely with them—as your client advocate—to serve as their legal advocate while they’re still under investigation or awaiting trial proceedings.

    Business Lawyer

    A business lawyer is a lawyer who specializes in the areas of business law. Business lawyers can help you with:

    • Business transactions, including real estate, partnerships and corporations
    • Business formation (including LLCs, S-corporations)
    • Litigation (including contract disputes and employment matters)

    Business lawyers are also trained in taxation issues and may have additional licenses such as CPA or EA.

    Bankruptcy Attorneys

    Bankruptcy attorneys are people who help people with financial problems. Individuals can hire them, businesses or even government entities to file for bankruptcy.

    Bankruptcy attorneys help individuals file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy if they are having difficulty paying their debts and cannot afford to pay them back that month. A person may also want to use this process if he or she has lost his job due to illness or injury and cannot find another one within six months of filing his/her case.

    A person may also use chapter 7 as an opportunity to start over after being hit by major life events like divorce or death of a loved one; however, some cases require more time than others before they can begin working again so it’s important that you speak with an attorney before making any decisions about filing your own case!

    Securities Lawyer

    A securities lawyer is a lawyer who specializes in the legal and regulatory aspects of the securities industry. A securities lawyer advises companies on how to comply with federal and state securities laws and regulations, as well as shareholder rights laws.

    The Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) requires all public companies to disclose material information about their businesses to investors (shareholders). Securities lawyers help you understand what this means for your company, so that you can decide if it’s appropriate for your situation.

    This is a good career to have

    If you’re looking for a career where you can help people, this may be the one. You will be able to make a lot of money, and that’s not only because of your hourly rate. The more complicated cases come with higher payouts and bonuses for successful negotiations.

    If you’re interested in helping society but aren’t sure how, law is a great choice! Law affects almost every aspect of our lives, including politics (think: Roe v Wade), education (think: prayer in schools) and even sports (think: player suspensions).


    If you are looking for a career that will help you do the things you love, then this is it. You can help people and make a difference in their lives.

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